Can I have pastel hair?

can i have pastel hair

We enjoy a lot of ice-cream inspired hair, and we get more requests for it than we actually create. So who gets to have pastel hair, and why has my hairdresser said I'm not allowed to have the pastel hair of my dreams?

Just because you've seen a person with dark hair go pastel pink, doesn't mean that your dark hair can go pink too. All of our hair has a journey, and it never forgets anything. That hair dye you tried 3 years ago? No? Your hair does. The fact that you've been using GHDs years is a daily punishment that your hair does not forget unfortunately. 

pastel purple hair

Pastels colours need a very VERY light base, and although your roots may well lift light enough, your ends will lift much darker, often that gross burnt orange shade. That won't go pastel pink no matter how much Olaplex you chuck at it.

Pastel colours are also very transient. If you're not the type of person who is willing to give your hair a lot of attention, and you want to visit the salon once every 6 months, pastels are not for you. Part of a stylist's job is to make sure you have the hair that suits your lifestyle, and if you're very low-key then pastels may make you sad as they wash down the plug-hole.

We do turn some pastel clients away, as we feel like the money won't be a value-purchase. We don't want to rip anyone off! It's expensive, and we'd usually prefer to take you a little deeper in tone, so that you get more colour for your money. It feels more worth it. 

A happy pastel client understands that the shade will need regular topping up at home. Whether they add direct dyes into their conditioner, whether they buy a specfic colour-topping-up product, or make sure that they manage their hair correctly. This means that they use cooler water to wash their hair, use shampoos and conditioners that protect the colour or use products that maintain the quality of their hair (like Olaplex) as damaged hair isn't strong enough to hold colour (often why your ends fade fastest as they're damaged and the colour drops out).

lilac pastel hair

The happy pastel client also understands that the tone isn't a fixed colour. When people try and book in and are very very specific about the pastel green that they want.....we turn them away. The shade will change with every wash, and they'll be quickly disappointed. We don't like disappointed clients. You need to be the kind of person who is a little more free and easy with their happiness. Happy to go along for the ride.

Pastel colours also need regular bleach root appointments - (Why you can't leave your bleached roots appointment longer than 6 weeks) and this is an expense and routine that isn't for everyone. A smart hairdresser should manage these expectations so that you can be happy with your hair in the long term.