Can I get Vintage Glasses with Prescription Lenses?

If like me, you wear glasses, they're really your ultimate accessory. They sit on your face (that's what she said!) all day, you can't ignore them, so why not love them!?

Yesterday I added two new frames to my collection, I've had them for quite a while, but hadn't got my prescription lenses put into them.

I use, and recommend ineedspex to post my vintage frames off to (they do gift me my lenses, but I wouldn't recommend them unless they did a great job). They have done all of these glasses bar one. They have also done a lot of my friends/clients glasses. Specsavers sometimes offer the service, but are often very nervous about vintage frames, as they are prone to breaking (the plastic becomes very brittle with age). Ineedspex are cheaper too!

The black pair are a party pair - the diamontes are hard to photograph!

I recently managed to part with one pair, a pretty amazing clear pink catsye frame, but I still have rather a collection. But why not? I wear glasses all of the time - they're the only accessory I wear over and over, day on day. I can't imagine putting something on my face that I don't enjoy.

I'm always surprised when people who need to wear glasses settle for ones they don't like, or don't want to spend any money on them. Oddly, considering I love them so much, all of my vintage frames are cheaper than buying new ones from the optician, even with the cost of lenses. 

I sometimes wonder if I'd take laser eye surgery if it were ever offered to me, but honestly, the thought of not wearing my glasses makes me sad. They make me feel dressed up even when I'm not! They're also great for distracting from wrinkles! Similar to the reason I wear a fringe - they're better than botox!