Can I be low carb forever?

I was asked today whether I'd been following a #lowcarb diet (gosh I hate the word diet in this context, but there you go), since I'd started my lifestyle change and weight loss journey, and I realised I'd now been reducing my carb intake for about 20 months.

Back in Jan 2013 I doubt I was alone in making a resolution to change my food choices and my body, and it certainly wasn't the first time I'd done so. But this time it stuck. Here I am, 20 months on, still maintaining the changes. 

When I explain I am "Low Carb", what exactly do I mean?

Foods I tend to avoid: Pasta, rice, potato, cakes, bread, couscous, wraps, cereal.

Foods I eat in unlimited quantity which people may think I avoid: Bananas, sweet potato, sweetcorn.

Clearly my before and after pictures don't end with someone who has completely transformed into a fitness machine, but I hope they show a transformation of that final half stone/stone/stone and a half, that many women seem to crave.

How do I decide what to choose to eat as a "low carb vegetarian?"

I like to focus on foods that have a high level of nutrition. This makes it easy to skip the fillers like bread, pasta, dough, cakes etc. I switched to thinking about fueling my body, more than 'treating'  myself with sugars and carbs - which are largely empty of nutrition.

Eating meals that are based on pasta, bread, etc used to make me sleepy and hungry. I feel fabulous on my new food choices, I've been getting fit, facing new challenges and am full of energy.

My food choices are not always perfect, but I don't believe in 'treat days', or falling off a wagon. This is a lifetime choice, which you have to keep choosing each and every day. On the occasions I make poorer choices, I know that I haven't failed. I haven't falled off, or tripped up. I've just eaten something not as fabulous as I usually choose. It's a small drop in an ocean, and I feel pretty relaxed about it. Food shouldn't be a battle! I also don't really limit sugar....I have a lot of coffee and sugar, I'm no food angel but it works for me!

I don't feel that my food 'restrictions' are a sacrifice or anything that I've given up. Over these 20 months I've only gained.