Camping in Richard Branson's house - my first festival

I did my first festival! I'm not a festival goer - I don't like crowds or tents, or drunken and drugged idiots. But yesterday I got myself an invite to a mini festival in Richard Branson's garden (his fields!) so what better way to pop my festival cherry!

My day started rather dramatically, as my poor old lady cat Biskit collapsed and I knew it was finally time to put her to sleep. So I had to rush round to the vet, and put my childhood cat down. Poor grumpy 20 year old Biskit. 

I also didn't have a tent or sleeping bag, and Argos was out of stock. It added to the drama.

But we made it! Just. It was basically a festival, in Richard's garden, with a fairground for the kids. Free drink and food....sadly we didn't eat, and with the cat dramas we actually missed breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wine with zero food is a dangerous game, and I fear I lost. He he.

Had a blast though. The bands included Kitty, Daisy and Lewis, The Tootsie Rollers, Sam Smith, The Cuban Brothers and Sister Sledge.

I went with a beehive, and its survived for three days with the help of a bandana. Perfect festival hair.