Business Reality Tv Shows - The shows I watch over and over

We are what we consume.

What we fill our thoughts, mind and speech with are what we become. These are concrete ways that we can change, control and improve ourselves, in whatever ways we choose.

So if you want to get fitter, you can consume health and wellbeing etc. For years now, I've consumed business books and business reality tv shows. I use them to fill my thoughts and mind with business and motivation.

Here are business reality shows that I've watched (many over and over) and enjoyed. Some are more 'useful' than others, but they all help keep my mind on what I want it to be focused on- staying motivated.

Business Reality TV Shows

The Apprentice - UK, USA, Canada, Australia (there are others! I've watched these 4)

Dragons Den (UK, Cananda, Ireland). I hate the UK one, but adore the Canadian one

Shark Tank (The US Dragons Den)

Bar Rescue (Jon Taffer saves failing bars over 4 seasons)

Gym Rescue (Only 3 episodes I think, but I liked them!)

Hotel Impossible (Anthony Melchiorri saves failing hotels over 5 seasons) I really like Anthony

Restaurant Impossible (Robert Irvine saves failing restaurants over 10 seasons)

Restaurant Startup - A mini Dragons' Den between two restaurants, one of which wins a pop up to pitch for investment

Hotel Inspector (Alex Polizzi saves failing hotels, currently 10 seasons)

The Restaurant Man (1 series helping failing restaurants)

Country House Rescue (Ruth Watson used to be the Hotel Inspector, but currently is rescuing country houses)

Mary, Queen of Shops (Mary Portas did 3 series helping independent shops)

Mary's Bottom Line (Mary Portas created a British made underwear brand)

Mary, Queen of Charity Shops (Mary Portas worked with Save the Children)

Tabatha Takes Over (Tabatha Coffey started the first 4 series saving failing hair salons, but the 5th series expanded to all small businesses)

Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares (Gordan Ramsey did 5 UK series, and 13 US series helping failing restaurants)

Hotel Hell (Gordon Ramsey saving failing hotels)


I've no doubt I've missed a few, so I'll come back when I remember more. It's almost comical perhaps, to others, how much of this stuff I consume, but we are what we eat!