Business lessons from running 2k at the gym

beating your personal best.jpg

I love finding lessons for life and business in sport and fitness, and tonight at the gym was no exception.

My warm-up is a 2k run on the treadmill and I take a note of the speed it takes me to run in. I prefer this to trying to extend the length of distance run.

I used to run it in abut 12 minutes, and remember being proud of getting it at 11:29 (first picture).

I then got in under 11 minutes - 10:49, 10:30, 10:22. At each stage you go through a sense of belief that you've hit the best your body is capable - you've reached the limit. That is, until you've bettered it.

This week I got it under 10 minutes to 9:55, and tonight I did 9:50.

Tonight was a powerful mental experience. I started my run, and after about 4 minutes I felt that today I wouldn't be 'competing' with myself. I then thought I wouldn't even be able to run the full 2k. That my body simply wasn't up to it today. Perhaps I hadn't eaten enough, or had eaten too much. Or that I was too tired. 

But I just kept on. I thought I wouldn't be able to get anywhere near 9:55, and just decided to push myself to finish. And yet I beat my time by 5 full seconds. When I believed at the start I wouldn't even finish.

What a powerful message to listen to. What I believe to be true just may not be.

I've written about this before - Do our own truths hold us back from progression? and yet it hasn't stopped feeling important to me to reflect on.

Our beliefs can be skewed by so many things,  many of which are not true. I may believe that my body cannot physically move faster. But I can be wrong. It's just a belief, used to keep me in a safe comfort zone.

I may believe something about my business....but hold the phone, perhaps I'm  just as wrong about that too. Maybe I've set limits on myself which simply don't exist.