Bumpits review 1

A friend bought me some Bumpits which I have been eyeing-up for a while now, so I was excited to be able to try them.

Annoying all my camera batteries are flat, so for today I used my crappy camera phone. Apologies for the awful quality, and I may well redo this whole blog once I have re-charged.

So in the box you get three bumpits, a comb and an instruction leaflet.

Here I am this morning, with my au-natural hair. Lovely.

My hair is in dire need of a cut, and the fringe is way too long. Finances mean this has to wait a while longer, so I am just working with what I have! (I got my haircut - see The Dangers of a new Hairdresser)

So, I chose the largest bumpit, and it is a spikey D shape comb.

The box says 'Dark Brown/Black'....but really I would have preferred it if it had been made of black plastic.

I divided a section of hair at the front, and placed the bumpit on my head. I then draped the hair section over.

I then used kirby grips to put all of the rest of my hair up, and used a mini french twist at the back.

I think this picture shows that the 'bump' isnt quite wide enough, as it drops on the left side of the picture.

Here is the side. Again, I feel the bump just isnt quite right, as it is almost separate from the rest of my hair. The instruction booklet suggests that you can use two bumpits together, and I imagine using the medium sized one would help to reduce this.



Overall, I'm not massively pleased with my first attempt, but haven't given up, I still like the idea - I suppose they are just modern day hair rats.



Edited to add....I have rockabillied it up and feel much happier with hair now! I'm not a 60s girl, and the beehive didn't feel very me. Stupid long fringe. Must must must get it cut.

See my second attempt at using Bumpits here.