#BrutusChristmas - My First Christmas Party of the Season


Last night I attended my first official Christmas party- The Brutus TrimFit Party! If you follow any pictures of me online, I'm sure you may well recognise the tartan shirts that make a regular appearance in my outfits. Just last week my official ambassador video was released too.

brutu christmas party

The party was at The Moth Club, a traditional working men's type club, so it had provided the perfect backdrop for a bunch of mods in tartan, braces and DMs.

brutus party

Both my boyfriend B and I donned a new Brutus shirt for the occasion, and were excited to get out of the house and have a boogie. 

reeree brutus party

The music was a blend of ska, motown and general 60s retro-ness which isn't usually what I'd go out to, but I have to say we enjoyed hitting the dance floor and cutting some shapes!

Me and B have been learning some BSL (British Sign Language) together so we used the evening as a chance to try some out, and chat to each other using sign. It may have been the drunken confidence but we both got really excited about being able to share some basic level of communication with each other. Felt like we'd made some small level of progress, which you always need to celebrate when tackling something as daunting as learning a new language. It's the small victories that count!

brutus trimfit christmas

I haven't been to a vintage night out for a long time, and its great when a work event gives you a reason to step outside of your comfort zone. What I found most refreshing was how unsexualised the atmosphere was. The women were dressed in shirts, or 60s dresses. I was surprised that I really noticed how little flesh was out on display. It just set such a different vibe to the evening to the standard night out in Shoreditch. A change is as a good as a holiday!

I believe the discount code ROCKALILY is still valid on the shirts, I wear a S in mens, or a M in womens as size reference should you want to buy your first!