My foster cat Bronwyn - Update 3 weeks on

fostering bronwyn.jpg

If you need an introduction to my foster cat Bronwyn - you can get caught up here. I've now had her 3 weeks, and in many ways I've completely forgotten what life was like without her!

fostering a cat north london

She's had two urine tests since she's been with me, and sadly both have still shown blood in her pee, so she remains on the medication for now. They did say it improved a smidge, but I'd really been hoping for the all clear.

rspca foster cat

Her favourite object is her door mat from the pound shop (her favourite activity after sleeping is scratching), and she always finishes her dinner. She sleeps in one spot on my bed all night, and usually doesn't move until I wake up. She's smart enough to understand that being affectionate before food time works in her favour.

She's really great company, she wants some attention, but not much really. The litter tray isn't as grim in a small flat as I'd feared. Having a cat really does make a difference when you live alone, and I can see how one could end up a crazy cat lady......