Bronwyn the foster cat isn't coming home

bronwyn the foster cat 11 weeks.JPG

After having Bronwyn the foster cat for 11 weeks, our journey together is finally over. She's sadly not yet had the happy ending I'd hoped for her, but it's not yet off the table. Hopefully it's coming.

Bronwyn came to me with blood in her urine that wouldn't shift. They'd wondered if it was stress related, as this is often the case for older cats in a cattery. Over her stay with me, we took lots of urine tests, none of which came back clear. She had been on medication the whole time, along with an emergency vet visit one Saturday evening a couple of weeks back. I'm no cat whisperer, however I've pretty certain she wasn't stressed with me. She was such a chilled, if somewhat stubborn, cat, and didn't demonstrate any behaviours that showed me she was anxious. If anything she settled in too quickly!

Last week she returned to the RSPCA to have further tests and painkillers, and I was told she'd be away for 5 days. Sadly, but hopefully getting her closer to her furever home, it was decided that she'd not be returning to me, as her test results were proving inconclusive, and she needed medical supervision.

bronwyn the foster cat leaving.JPG

Bronwyn was my first foster cat, and she won't be last. I'm sad that it didn't end how I'd imagined. I'd spent a lot of time preparing myself for her departure (its what fostering is all about after all), but I hadn't considered that she'd go back to the cattery, and thinking of her there makes me a little sad. But I'm still hopeful that they'll work out what's wrong with her, and then I can provide some cute photos and a great summary/review of her personality to ensure she goes straight to a furever home. She was only being fostered to try and get her well enough to head off to a home. Fingers and paws crossed that that is still her ending.

So watch this space, as hopefully I'll have a new flatmate/catmate soon!