Brighton Tattoo


I definitely seem to 'collect' tattoos if I go somewhere, so after booking a night to Brighton, we quickly decided to get tattoos too.

I adore Brighton, and actually used to live there for 4 years, as well as one side of my family coming from there, so it always has a special place in my heart.

I asked twitter about recommendations for a quality tattoo shop in Brighton, and a lovely customer of the salon suggested her favourite shop, Magnum Opus.

In an ironic twist the same client, who visits us from Brighton for her regular hair appointments, visited Rockalily Cuts at the same time I visited Magnum Opus - like we swapped cities.




I managed to secure two last minute appointments, and started to think about Brighton tattoo ideas. I originally wanted a stick of rock, but soon decided that it wouldn't work well as a tattoo. I considered candy floss, but again, didn't like how a tattoo of it would turn out. A stripey deck chair was next, but once we arrived at the shop, Dan Crowe, who was going to be tattooing us, explained that a deckchair wouldn't work well either. He'd drawn an alternative design up for me to consider, and I immediately went with it.

I'm a fan of getting the input of the tattooer, a good one knows what works well, and has a sense of design that we may lack ourselves. So in the end we went with a seaside theme, and I let him get on with it! I'd looked at Dan's work online, and knew I loved his style, so was confident enough to let him chose all of the design elements.

I'm really happy with my finished tattoo, and love that my litle Brighton get away ended up with a new cute tattoo. Now to just get through the next week of swelling and general grossness.