Break up with me by text - it's kinder.

There is never a 'right' way to break up with someone, but I often hear the advice to be brave and at least tell them in person. So here I am to stand up and defend the text break up, as an actually kinder way of announcing the news.

If someone dumps me face to face, not only do I have to deal with the emotional reaction to me being rejected. I may feel angry I didn't get in there first, or sad that my soulmate doesn't feel the same as I do. In addition to all of the emotions (including surprise no doubt) I now also have to deal with a multitude of other stresses, that wouldn't exist if you'd just told me via Whatsapp.

1. I am away from home, and now I need to get home. I may need to sit on public transport crying.

2. There is the social situation that needs wrapping up; do we finish our meal? Am I supposed to throw my drink at you?

3. I have a split second to decide how I feel, as well as managing to keep it together, and create an appropriate response. You've had days or weeks to plan what you're saying, yet I have zero time to work out my initial response.

Maybe, I don't want you to know I cried. Perhaps I want 5 minutes to word my power-seizing one liner response? 

Do me a favour, and break up with me via text.