Braving your spin class: My top tips to get in the saddle for the first time

first spin class

Braving your first spin class can be daunting, so I thought I'd share some top tips, to ensure you don't let your anxieties and worries stop you giving it a go.

1. It gets sweaty in there. Do yourself a favour and don't wear cotton. Wear proper gym clothes to allow yourself to sweat without feeling soaked. These clothes don't need to be expensive. Primark, H&M, and other high street brands offer great starter kit.

2. Take a small gym towel, and a bottle of water. These will sit in the bike handles, where you can grab them when needed.

3. Wear knickers/pants that don't have 'edges'. You may get a little sore down there if things rub too much. Seamless pants are good.

4. When you walk in, go straight up to the instructor, and say you're new and would like some help setting up your bike. Most people have their bike set up incorrectly, so just get it right first time! There are 3 adjustments, the seat height, the handlebar height and the distance between the bars and the seat. Each adjustment have numbers on them, which you can then remember for next time.

5. Spin is an enhanced cardio work out as it has resistance built in. You change the resistance with a dial on the bike. You will be switching your resistance many many times during a class, so feel free to play with it for a while. The genius is that you're in complete control, and if you want to keep the resistance low on your first go, just to find your feet, go for it. It's up to you, and no one will know what you're up to.

6. Exercise is meant to be hard. Whether you're fit or less fit, you'll have a setting that makes it a struggle. Don't be embarrassed if it feels hard, that is what exercise should feel like. If it's not hard, you need to up your game!

7. You'll be asked to stand up in the bike. Practice this while you're waiting for the class to start. You can put all of your weight leaning forward on the bars, the bike will hold you!

If you've always been curious about spin, but worried about how to actually do it, give it a go! Nothing to lose. Promise.