Boys in pink...? Are we anywhere close?


Today I bought this jumper for my nephew. Both me and his mother are keen to buy more gender neutral clothing, but we both struggle to put him in much of the pink clothing out there. It almost feels like a step we can't yet take! But we saw this one, and with the mixture of the bowtie and the safety pin it felt like the first pink clothing we felt ace about dressing him in. We have tended to stick to more gender neutral colours like orange, yellow, green etc.

It seems so closed minded to dress a baby (or an adult) in a limited colour palette just because of their gender. I'm a grown woman and I wear the colour blue the most often. Some women wear pink the most. Choice is an awesome thing, and it just feels like we try and close those doors to children, for no reason.

It reminded me of this picture, which I blogged about previously - gender specific baby reins.

Because of course we want to teach our children that girls wear pink and dream of being a cupcake, and boys are blue train drivers. Actually what is more sad aboout these items, is that it tells them this is what we expect of them.

It also reminded me about a blog I did on Clarks shoes

How have we not moved forward enough by now, to just celebrate a rainbow of color choices? Can't children just chose a trainer without having to find their gender specific area first?