Borrow My Doggy - Tinder for Dogs

borrow my doggy 2015

I'd forgotten how much attention you get when you have a cute dog with you, but hanging with this cutie for 7 days gave me a sharp reminder! I paired up with this wee poodle on Borrow My Doggy, which is basically a Tinder for dogs.

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You find a dog local to you, who has the needs you'd like to try and meet. Do they need a weekly walk on  a Tuesday? Do they need weekends away if their owner has to go away? Do they want some over night stays? It's just like dating, you just need to find the right match for you!

Here is my perfect match. Mika is a toy poodle, and I hadn't seen her maybe 5-6 months as I've moved away. However, she needed to be looked after for 7 days, so her owners asked if I'd have her again. How could I say no to that little face!? I was worried she'd forgotten me, but if you've ever known dogs, you know that they don't forget. 

Mika is fab, and she came to work, and the pub and snuggled in bed keeping me warm. However, I'm always pleased to get my freedom back too! That's what makes Borrow My Doggy so good, I don't want a dog again, but I do like to have a little doggy friend.