Borrow My Doggy - My new doggy playmate

borrow my doggy again

I went on my first Borrow My Doggy play date in January 2015, and recently borrowed my toy poodle for 7 days, but today I had another first date! Meet my new doggy pal Sailor! 

pomerarian dog

So I had her for the whole day, so plenty of time to become pals. I started at home, to just give her a chance to get to know me. I've actually never touched a dog as small as this, which took a while to get used to!  

vintage hood dryers with dog

We went to the salon to say hello, and a quick pose. She even got street style spotted on the way, with a photographer asking to take her picture. 

pomeraian dog bed

We headed back home, so I could do some writing. I have a little laptop table for when I want to work from bed, and Sailor seemed more than content to just chill beside me.

It's a hard life hey?!