Borrow My Doggy - My first playdate!

I put my dog Ellington down about 8 months ago, and I definitely don't want another dog. However I do enjoy hanging out with dogs, and wanted to give Borrow My Doggy a go. Borrow My Doggy is a website, a little like online dating! It pairs people with dogs, with people who would like some doggy company.

It can take a while to find a suitable match, but once found I reckon it could be well worth the effort! The dog owner may be looking for regular walks, new people for their dog to socialise with, weekend sleepovers, or just to share their awesome dog with someone who cannot have a dog. The dog borrower gets the perks of some doggy company, without needing the full time, life time commitment a dog brings.

I met my gorgeous poodle playdate yesterday for the first time, when you meet the owners, and everyone can suss each other out! Today I took her for a walk and coffee on my own. Isn't she a darling! It was lovely to spend some time with a little dog again, and I'm looking forward to getting to know her, and having some more play dates soon!