BoomCycle - a review of my first spinning class

I've never been to a spin class, they haven't ever appealed to me really; the bikes, the shouting, and the sweating. However I was recently given 3 free sessions at BoomCycle, one of those new trendy spin studios. So I decided to face my nervousness head on and book in straight away.

You don't need any equipment or special shoes, they say just to bring water. They provide free lockers, free showers and towels etc.

I arrived, headed downstairs to the basement, where you find a reception area, and one spin studio. When you book online you book a specific bike, rather like booking a seat on an aeroplane. The instructor Kate helped me set up my bike, and I took some time to adjust me eyes, it was so dark in there!

Spinning is basically cycling to music, and the two moves (no clue if there are more) we did last night were cycling, and cycling while standing. The first time we stood up, I nearly slipped out of the pedal, but by the end of the session I'd figured it out. Standing and cycling is less about stepping up, but about holding yourself up with your arms and core. It provides a good arm workout! 

The pros of spinning: 

  • You don't need to be coordinated, like aerobics or zumba. Anyone can cycle!
  • It seemed really easy on the knees as there is no impact
  • If you're shy exercising, you're pretty hidden as its so dark
  • Everyone can take part at their own pace, as you're in control of the intensity. You don't have to stand up, or turn up the heat if you don't want to
  • It seems to target your bum!

The cons of spinning:

  • It's quite repetitive, relying on the trainer and the music to keep you engaged
  • It really hurts your seated 'area', it's hard to tell the difference between muscle soreness and just bruises from the seat
  • It can be expensive. BoomCycle sessions can be £16, dropping to bout £14/15 if you buy more sessions in one go.

I'll use the two more free sessions I have, and see if my opinions change at all!