Boobuddy review - does this thing really work?

booband review.JPG

This week I bought a Boobuddy (formularly known as a Booband hence the difference in name on mine!) from Tikiboo (which is where I get my current gym leggings from too. This is a referral link, but this is not sponsored content). 

I've always had boobs. I''ve  had an okay relationship with them, as long as they're not really visible, although when I gain weight I always hate that my boobs bloom too. I really enjoyed their drop in size when I was smaller. I rarely wear tops that show cleavage, and I feel much happier when they're under wraps. I'm always very aware of them during workouts though. 

I've been wearing sports bras from M&S which I've been happy with, they zip from the front and are soft, yet firm. But I've never found a bra that actually holds them down. Enter....the Boobuddy/Booband.

booband review

I tested it the first day during a weights workout, and I was really happy with it. I liked the extra cleavage coverage it gave me too. It creates an odd shape, that we're not used to, but that can't be helped! It's doing its job!

Today I put it to its proper test - a cardio workout. And by gosh it passed. I loved how it just strapped my boobs down, but didn't feel restrictive. Perhaps for the first time, doing things like star jumps and burpee type activities, I wasn't anxious about the bounce.

I'm returning to running this week too, and I'm so pleased to have found the Boobuddy. It really works. It just does the job, without too much fuss. 

I'm now at the 3 month mark of my return to fitness, and I'm starting to mix it up. As indulgent and amazing having a PT is, its not something I can afford long term, so I'm starting to explore other activities, while I wean myself off her. It's also good to keep mixing it up, to keep your body working hard, and not getting too safe in a comfort zone.