Body Pump or Pure Pump : Is there is a difference?

pure pump or body pump

Last year I adored Body Pump, which is a choregraphed weight lifting class from Les Mills. They create a lot of hype, host massive events and have fans all over the globe. I even found one in Bali on my holiday. 

BodyPump is oddly addictive, and at one time I was attending 3 times a week. They pay for the rights to popular music from most genres, from rock to techno and dance. They choreograph tracks so that the music carries you precisely through the struggle and to the end. They follow a carefully planned system and routine, so that you know what's coming, but you also have some elements of surprise too. 

BodyPump is a franchise, that gyms have to pay into, much like Zumba, and they can buy the official weight sets and steps too. The trainers wear branded gear and have been trained well on how to motivate and instruct a class. Don't get me wrong, I had trainers I adored, and trainers that left me a little less buzzed, but the class was reliably great.

Now, on to Pure Pump. It's the knock-off version that some Pure Gyms use, instead of paying for the official Body Pump. I've been a member of 3 different Pure Gyms, and my while my first hosted the official branded version of the class, my more recent two do not. They serve different locations, and have charged me different monthly bills. The one that used Les Mills equipment was almost double the price of my current one, and right in the city.

Pure's like when you begged your parents for Nikes for school, and they bought you Asda knockoffs. They sort of serve the same purpose, but are still wildly different, and you definitely get no joy from the supermarket shoes.

I've tried a few Pure Pump classes, but I've always found them so lacking, compared to Body Pump. They're just a bit all over the place, with no flow, and feel so haphazard. 20 seconds of working this muscle group, then 40 seconds with a new track on a new muscle group. Just randomly hopping from one thing to another. 

I understand that different budgets have different services, and that Pure Gym is awesome for providing a decent gym offering at an affordable price. But gosh Pure Pump is just so disappointing. It would be great if they even offered it as an add-on. My current gym has a couple of classes that are charged at £4 more. I'd pay it for an official Les Mills class, as Pure Pump just doesn't cut it.