Body image is such a complicated beast

reeree straight fringe

Body image is such an odd thing.

I wear clothes that are generally 10/12 (8 in some random pieces). I eat pretty well, and exercise isn't a complete stranger to me, and I know that my body, despite not being in the best state its been in, fits into the general 'acceptable size' that society says is standard. And yet I can catch myself having thoughts that are pretty out of control.

I haven't been pleased with my body recently, and headed off to try a new gym. I find before/after pictures really motivating so I took a few snaps for some new before shots. The camera was a bit low, and despite knowing that they're vaguely distorted, I found them pretty shocking. Shocking that the picture is of a woman who wears 10/12 clothing. That I must be some sort of fraud, or my clothes are flukes.

It's fucked up isn't it?

Anyhoo I'm strict with my thoughts, so I ran to the gym, got over myself, and decided I'd use it as positive motivation to get stronger again. Boom, my inner core needs to watch out!

A few tips for joining a new gym?

1. Proximity matters. Close to home or work, but close to something. Or you'll fail to even get there.

2. Don't over invest. You don't need swanky gear, nor do you need the swankiest gym. These can be earned if you prove you'll stick to it long term.

3. Don't just stick to the bike machine and running machine. If you're wanting to change how your body looks, embrace a bit of strength training is your best friend.