BOB by Dawn O'Porter - 50s style skirts

BOB by Dawn O'Porter is a new fashion line, seemingly selling a range of vintage and vintage inspired reproduction, which launches today.

I clocked these skirts a while back on social media, but as of yet, and struggled to find too much out about them. I'm not sure where the range is being stocked (online only?), and how much these items will cost.

I can definitely imagine that I'll see a lot of people I know wearing these skirts! 

Long length skirts can be challenging to find on the high street, most skirts that look knee length seem to land above the knee, rather than on or under.

As today is BOB's press day, hopefully the website will go live today too, and we can all have a nose!


ETA - I've since been told the price; I'm not sure I'll see my friends in them!