#BloggersRunTheWorld - Running even when it's tough

bloggers running

I decided I wanted to meet new people, and push my fitness, so I started a small (for now?) running club called #BloggersRunTheWorld. Our first and second run was in Regent's Park, and today's 3rd run was planned for St James Park. However, as is pretty normal when organising group activities, my running buddies weren't able to make it tonight. 

Of course it crossed my mind that I was exhausted, and now that no one was counting on me, I could postpone the run. But I watched a few motivational videos, and just decided to run alone, but closer to home. We are the result of our actions!

reeree running london

My run was tough at parts, my body seemed to be fighting it, but after a while it settled in. I stopped  a few times, but that's ok, I was still out-running everyone at home on the sofa! He he.

Our bodies deserve our attention. We get only one, and we tend to only value our health when illness comes knocking loudly at our doors. Our bodies thank us for it; feeding it with quality and nutrient rich food, along with getting it moving, and moving our muscles..