Bloggers Lounge at London Fashion Week - with Freya

I couldn't really get a good snap of my hair, but Lucie worked her magic, and I left with a faux bang and a poodle.

I was off to onealdwych, a gorgeous five star hotel, which I have often walked past, but never had a reason to visit. The lift set the tone....and I definitely wasn't the only blogger who took a self pic in it! It was an awesome lift ;-)

As a single girl, sadly my lingerie drawer has been a bit neglected recently, and I've always wanted to try Freya. I'm a bigger boobed lady, and I've heard lots of great things about them.

I was pleasantly surprised by how many long lined bras and high waisted pants they had, which I incorrectly presumed most modern companies didn't do.

They asked when I was last fitted for a bra, and like most ladies, it wasn't very recently! She guessed my size, and laughed when I told her what bra size I did wear! I'm now booked in for a fitting, so I'll let you guys know how I get on! I'm then going to try out one of their bikinis for Las Vegas next month.