Bloggers' Box at Rihanna with Simplexity Travel

#livesimplexity rihanna

This weekend I was luckily enough to go to see Rihanna at Wembley, thanks to Simplexity Travel. Now, these weren't just any tickets, as Simplexity specialises in luxury and bespoke travel, this was their private box. Oh yes.

rihanna wembley

So what happens when you invite a bunch of bloggers to a private box? All of the selfies naturally!

bloggers box wembley

I set myself the challenge of taking a pic with everyone there - mission accomplished! From top left, clockwise is Kitty Cowell , Paige Joanna, The Travelista Jess Gibson, and Heroine in Heels Laura Hyatt.

simplexity travel bloggers

And last but definitely not least model Olivia Campbell.

We had a great time, and I can definitely see the appeal of a private room, somewhere to leave your bag, a private toilet and phone chargers! Oh how the other half live!