Birthday Suit

My birthday has crept around again (next week but celebrated last night) so I thought I'd reflect a little on my evolving style choices.

These are the past 5 year birthday celebration outfits, starting with 2010, when I worked on my birthday, stage managing for Chaz Royale's twisted Cabaret.  I wore a polka dot swing skirt with a corset. I used to sleep in rollers most nights back then as I'd cut my hair super short to have Marilyn type curls. I coloured my hair black.

2011 I wore a 1950s pink prom dress, and I hated my hair! It was black with a small red flash, and I'd just impulsively had an assymetrical bob cut in. I had no idea how to merge such a modern cut with such a vintage look. I pretty much hate this outfit now.

2012 was my big 3-0, and I wore a vintage skirt, nipped in at the waist. My hair was now red with a black flash, and I had Rockalily Cuts now, so had my hair styled at work.

2013, last year, I wore a modern dress, almost just to tick it off a list. I'd always wanted to wear a dress in this style, and after losing a bit of weight, I decided to push myself and go for it. It felt very short! My hair was deep blue, and I'd slept in rollers to curl it.

Last night, I curled my newly bobbed hair at work and wore a Collectif dress (use Ree10 for a wee discount). I added a pink flower to give it a tiki feel as we were off to a tiki bar.