Birthday Bash at Drink Shop Do


Last night I celebrated my birthday at Drink Shop Do, which is a cute little bar where you can get creative. Last night's 'do' was Clay - Dolly Parton style.


Unfortunately the clay STANK. As if it were pure elephant dung. Due to the heat, it was also very wet, making it even messier than it would be usually. This did mean many didn't want to touch it, but some of us just got down and dirty (and smelly).


I think the best part of birthdays is catching up with people you haven't seen, and getting friends who have never met, to finally meet each other!


It was very hot, so we were all fighting the red sweaty face - I didn't do well! Here is me with the Dolly Parton that I made with Miss Betty Blue. She worked very hard at creating Dolly's hair curls!

 Most of our Dollys were topless....but one is getting married with a babywipe veil. Mine is the massive one.






We also rocked a rude word game of speed scrabble. 

Craft and boardgames.....I bet you never realised I was so rock 'n' roll.......



I left my camera in control of my friend all I'm left with some random photos....not sure what Miss Honey Bare is up to here!



I was completely spoilt with presents and cards, and today I'm off to celebrate my birthday with Mother Rockette. A whole weekend of birthday loveliness. I am overwhelmed by how luck I am right now.....I have such a great bunch of fab people in my life.