Bio Oil for a Spot Scar

Firstly, apologies for the use of a stock photo, it is very unlike me. I have been so busy getting the salon ready, that blogging has had to take a little bit of a back seat for a short while!

I had mentioned on twitter that I was trying Bio Oil on a spot scar I have on my face, and quite a few people were interested in hearing how I got on.

The scar is from a spot I had perhaps a year ago, and the mark just never went away. So it permanently looks like a red mark on my cheek, as if I have a spot always. It isn't the end of the world, make-up covers it, but it would be nice if it could go away. So I decided to try a new treatment for it!

I have heard and read many people who swear by Bio Oil, particularly for fresh scars and fresh stretch marks. So it clearly works for some people for some things!

I started rubbing it on my scar (and all over my face, as it also says its for wrinkles!) twice a day. All was going well. When I had super dry skin in Las Vegas I started using it all over my body too, and on my sunburn. Fabulous.

However...I then noticed I had developed a milium (singular of millia) just above the scar. Millia are also known as milk spots, and is a keratin-filled cyst. It basically looks like a very small whitehead that you cannot pop. I have never had one before, and it certainly annoyed me more than the scar! It would seem that perhaps the mineral oil in the product blocked one of my pores.

When I googled removing millia, it talked about needing to visit a doctor or dermatologist to have it lanced - using a needle to create a very small hole to pop the solid keratin out of. Ick. Basically, I did what you shouldn't do, and just did it at home with a sewing needle. At the moment I don't seem to have given myself a new scar, and it has gone.

Back to square one with the original scar!