Big Fish Little Fish - what is a baby friendly rave?

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I shared recently that I visited my first costume hire shop (What to wear to a toga party when you don't want to wear a toga) and a week later it was finally time for the event itself - Big Fish Little Fish, who were putting on a drum&bass family rave.

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They host them around the country, and I had booked tickets for their event in Hackney; a drum&bass special with DJ SS. If you were ever into jungle or drum&bass you may well recognise this track of his:

The premise of a baby/family friendly rave is that they last a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon (well this one did), and while the music is strictly for the adults (complete with bar), babies and children are given lots to do with craft tables, bubble machines, face paint and lots of potential new friends to play with. All adults have to attend with a child of course. That would just be weird.

It takes everyone a bit to warm up, but soon my 4 year old nephew was off running around, burning his endless energy and making friends. Rather sweetly he later ran into an embrace with another child after they'd 'missed' each other for 20 minutes. The adults started to relax and dance, and everyone seemed like they were loving the music, and having a random Sunday afternoon reliving their youth, without needing a babysitter. Lots of babies in slings being jiggled around to drum and bass which was rather unique!

We had a really great time. We danced loads, and my nephew had a blast being able to run around and breakdance to his heart's content. We really enjoyed it, and we'd definitely return again. My only small gripe was that not many people dressed up in costume! Which was pretty funny considering we'd gone to such efforts. Sadly there was no fancy dress contest, but perhaps there should have been, as more people in theme would have made it more fun for sure! Maybe next time!