Best Sports Bra Ever?

I have been lucky enough to be sent some Freya Active sports wear to review before, and they converted me to the fact that expensive running pants are worth it, and I'm excited to have a new Freya Active Sports bra to review.

When a press release is titled, "Is this the best Sports Bra yet?" it definitely grabs my attention. I have had a few weeks away from the gym, due to illness, but I am eager  to get back, and now I have a new bra to wear when I go!

Apparently most sports bras are tested in one area - breast bounce (measured by marking the nipple and monitoring movement, but Freya Active used 19  markers, and 3 aspects. Can't wait to get running about in mine!

My current favourite sports bra is a cheap and cheerful number from Primark. I wear it in a 34DD, and own two of them.

If I'm being fussy I'd say it sits nicely across the back (bras should sit horizontally across your back, not ride up). On a side note an ex had mentioned to  me that I was the only woman he'd ever seen who wore bras that fit!

The cups are probably a little large for my boobs now, but I find the bra fab for running, and also comfortable for weights/stretching.

Here I am in the new Freya Active sports bra. This is a size 30F. Freya famously size rather differently to other high street stores, so I'd advise getting measured by them first! The first time I got fitted by Freya I was surprised at how tight they fit a bra. I'm not used to how tight it felt, but obviously bras stretch with use, and definitely should start of the tighter side! This bra is a 30F, but you can see that it sits perfectly across my back.

I really like how fully the bra covers the chest, which means I can wear a vest without feeling anxious about flashing my cleavage!

It feels much more structured than my current bra, and is underwired, whereas my first one isn't. I'll put it through its paces tonight!

I couldn't stand in my bra and not sneak in a comparison picture. It's not an exact comparion before/after picture, as I'm standing slightly differently, but sod it, here it is!

Honestly, when I look at that weight I carried on my middle I'm so proud that I finally got rid of it. I feel so much better about my body, my health and my ability to get a grip of what I put into my mouth.