Best Loose Face Powder? Bourjois vs. Corn Silk

which loose powder is best

I use a loose face powder every day. My first experience of it was when I was sent the Bourjois Rice Powder, and instantly I fell in love with it. 

I apply it at the end of my make up routine, to mattify and set my liquid foundation, as well as to blend my blusher, and sweep away any eyeshadow that may have fallen.

I have since repurchased the Bourjois powder many times. However last year I was given some new loose powder from Corn Silk, so I used it as a great opportunity to compare the two.

loose face powder review

I've used both for a long time now, hence they're looking rather well loved! Best time to review though surely, rather than on first glance!

Price - The Corn silk is £6.90 per 10g (you get 12g for £8.29) and the Bourjois is £19.98 per 10g (it's £9.99 for 5g). This means the Corn Silk powder is less than half the price.

Ease of Use -  As you can see in the picture, the Corn silk has a sticker on that I struggled to remove. This means I only have a few holes open, and have to shake it rather violently to get product out. The Bourjois lets you close the holes which means you can transport it without it all falling out when you open it later.

On the Face -  They both mattify and blend, however the Bourjois has a delicious smell and more of a slight glitter aspect to it. I use the Corn Silk if I'm just working from home (cheap and cheerful) and Bourjois if I'm actually going out to see someone. The Bourjois gives me more joy to apply!

The winner? I will use the Corn Silk powder until it runs out, but I wouldn't buy it. I prefer the Bourjois powder, despite it being much more expensive, for the cute packaging, the yummy smell and the slight sparkle I feel when I use it. However I'd happily recommend the Corn Silk for someone on a budget, or just wanting to try out using a loose powder.