Being a blogger for many outfits!

I have been blogging for longer than I've been taking photos of my outfits, but even still, I've been documenting my outfits for a pretty long time now! It's an odd/interesting phenomenon - the popularity of looking at what other people wear, but I suppose it's not that different from flicking through a glossy magazine to browse what C-Listers are wearing that week.

It has been fascinating seeing how the world of bloggings and bloggers has changed - it's now a career title! Amazing.

My style has definitely changed over the years, but who wears the same things year on year? I love the the power of clothing, hair and makeup. I love how we create the person we want to be. I spent my life trying to fit in, and never had the confidence to stand out. What a journey it's been!

Fancy looking at my outfits (over 600) - take a peek at Rockalily Style

I am very grateful to all of those that read my blog (you're not big on comments, but I know you're out there - I see the stats!), thank you for continuing to have an interest in my colourful corner of the world.