Behind the Scenes: Filming a Rockalily Lipstick video

Today I filmed a new video for Rockalily Lipstick. It is to replace the video I currently have which demonstrates all of the Rockalily Lipstick shades, which I filmed at home, in my bedroom. I wanted a much better quality so that you are much more able to see the shades, and select which colour you'd like to own yourself!

Genna McWhinnie specialises in helping women feel confident enough to let their awesomeness shine through on video. If you need that extra helping hand getting your brand or business onto youtube, you may want to check her out! You can hire her to actually help you film, or you can watch her videos and learn to express yourself more clearly and confidently.

Here Genna is setting up the camera. The preparation is key, and worth spending the extra time on. You wouldn't want to film it all, and then figure out that a shadow falls in the wrong place. We needed to set up lighting, camera settings and of course the lipsticks!

Once the product shots were filmed, we moved on to capturing me applying each of the lipsticks. Now that I have a core range of four, but now have six limited edition shades, it meant quite a lot of applying and removing, applying and removing!

Obviously I couldn't take pictures of myself, so all of the Instagrams are from Genna. It certainly feels weird applying lipstick with a camera right behind you!

After wiping my lips with tissue so often (for all of the wide shots, and then again for close ups, and of course for outtakes), they are certainly feeling a little sad this evening! 

I'm excited to see it! It is always a little weird watching yourself on video, but I'm sure Genna will do a great job editing!