Before and After - my weight loss 17 months on

befre and after jan to may.jpg

A fitness and weight loss update from me! I'm now in month 17 of my new lifestyle, eating the food I now plan to eat forever. I have to admit, I'm currently in a low-ebb for my gym going, but I still see myself as a gym goer, but just on a rest! I did run a 5K last week though, I'm not doing nothing!

I guess I'm now in the maintainence stage, and I'm imagine a lot of people fall at this hurdle, when the changes slow or plateau.

jan 2013 to may 2014.jpg

I get asked if I feel deprived.....not having pizza nights, or icecream, or even birthday cakes, but amazingly, I just don't. However I did stay away from home for 3 weeks and I did notice how quickly habits can form or fall away. Can't afford to get complacent, as I want to choose this lifestyle forever.

But the pros I feel after eating well and losing weight?

1. I have started wearing new and different clothes - tighter, shorter, more bold. I'm having fun exploring new fashions I wouldn't have worn before.

2. I feel different about my body being naked, and other people seeing it naked.

3. I love the feeling that I nourish my body well.

4. I feel proud that I took control over something I felt I had no control over. I was never proud or happy with the junk food I ate.

5. I enjoy using my body physically and developing strength and skills. 

6. I feel full of energy.

7. I prefer what I look like now.

8. I've realised that many limiting beliefs I hold may just be wrong. So much is possible.