Before and After - 15 months of eating well and exercising

This morning I took an updated before and after picture of my body changes, as I was wearing my shorts and recalled I had some before photos wearing the same pair.

These pictures highlight exactly why I tell everyone to take photos of their body as soon as they tell me they want to make changes. In my mirror I still see the middle picture of me. I guess the mind takes a while to catch up with reality.

Photos make you see yourself as others do. Very powerful, either as a call to action, or as a reality check to ease up on yourself.

Back in Jan 2013 I decided I'd had enough of my lifestyle choices. 15 months on, I still make these choices each and every day. You can browse my old fitness blog posts to find what I eat, do and believe about my body changes.

If you want to change, you need to want to do it forever. Not for your bikini, not for a wedding, but forever. You'll need to change your habits, and the choices you repeat each and every day.

We are the result of the choices we make 95% of the time.

My softer, larger belly was a result of those choices I made for most of my life. I've just decided I want to follow a different path now. I enrich and strengthen my body now, and gosh it feels great. Empowering to take control, rather than being governed by an addiction to food that doesn't fuel my body well.

How do you feel about the choices you make about your body?