Beauty Bloggers - Why We Fell In Love With Make-Up

I love how make-up can bond a group of women, and the power that putting your face on in the morning has. I wanted to explore our relationship with make-up a little more, and thought I should turn to the ladies who love make-up the most - Beauty Bloggers!

Beauty Blogger 1: Robyn from Stay Beautiful

Tell us a bit about your history with make-up?

When I was a teenager, it was the standard smear-black-khol-everywhere look - no blush, no foundation, nothing! I eventually learned to do winged liner and what eyebrow pencil was for, but I didn't really experiment much. And then I broke my arm one winter - and it was REAL Canadian winter! - and had nothing to do, so I got hooked on YouTube tutorials. When I could use both hands I emptied my bank account on sparkly things and it all went downhill from there! Even when I started to blog, I didn't even wear blusher, so I'd like to think I've grown a bit!

Have you developed a staple look, or do you experiment a lot? 

I do experiment a fair bit, but not always with day-to-day looks.  What I wear really varies day to day - I could do pinup, smokey, no makeup and neons all in one week - but I generally do winged liner as it's such a habit.  I think my blogging friends who I talk to a lot would say my 'signature' look would involve orange lipstick, which I am obsessed with!


Why do you love make up?

I love that I can sit down in the morning, rummage through all my pretties and either experiment and do something funky or make myself look presentable! It's quite soothing, actually! I also nice to be part of the makeup community online so I can share things with other people  (especially if you're not sure of something you've done it's great to pick up tips and/or reassurance that you don't look like a total hosebeast.) My new hobby has also lead me to working on photoshoots from time to time, which is so much fun and I'm really grateful that other people let me loose on their faces!

What made you start a beauty blog? Why do you continue writing one?

I started writing a blog because I enjoyed reading them so much! I really just wanted to jump on the bandwagon. Blogging has become quite addictive for me - I like planning a look to show people, or the sparkly monotony of doing tons of swatches! And it's really fun to do series and looks with other bloggers as well. 


Are you a beauty blogger who would love to share your relationship with make-up? Feel free to contact me!

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