Beauty Bloggers - Why We Fell In Love With Make-Up

I love how make-up can bond a group of women, and the power that putting your face on in the morning has. I wanted to explore our relationship with make-up a little more, and thought I should turn to the ladies who love make-up the most - Beauty Bloggers!

Beauty Blogger 10: Lorraine from John, It's Only Make-up!

Can you tell us a bit about your relationship with make-up?

It's all love! I started wearing make-up when I was about nine years old. When I say wearing, I mean smearing some of my mam's orange foundation over my cheeks. Just the cheeks. When I started secondary school, I was introduced to liquid eye-liner. My affinity for it lasted for most of my school years and manifested in black circles that surrounded my eyes, sometimes extended to my cheekbones. I hated school so found it really calming to do my make-up in the mornings, concentrating on it was a great distraction. I still find that putting my face on helps me de-stress.

Have you developed a staple look?

 Not really, I'm very fickle. If anything, it's vintage inspired. I like my brows and eye-liner to be quite thick, other than that it can vary.

Why do you love make-up?

As I said, it's a distraction from more stressful things. I really like to wind down my practising different looks or organising my collection. It's a form of escape, applying it and reading about it online. It's nice to be able to help a friend out too, by dolling them up for an occasion. I'm always so thrilled when they like it. Also, the obvious bonus of it making me look a touch less horrendous than I do bare-faced.

Why did you start blogging?

I just really enjoy writing and discussing cosmetics. I thought - what's the harm? I knew I'd the option to delete it if anything went wrong. That other people are willing to read what I write is such a confidence booster for me, so I've kept it up.

Describe your blog:

It mainly consists of in-depth product reviews, both positive and negative. I post a weekly summary that just lists and describes things that have been on my mind since the last post, in as funny a way as I can manage. I love music too, so I include playlists from time to time. I set out to have quite a serious style of blogging but people started saying that my blog was very light-hearted and put them in good form so I just go with the flow now.


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