Beauty Bloggers - Why We Fell In Love With Make-Up

I love how make-up can bond a group of women, and the power that putting your face on in the morning has. I wanted to explore our relationship with make-up a little more, and thought I should turn to the ladies who love make-up the most - Beauty Bloggers!

Beauty Blogger 3: Bekah from The Adventures of the Bekah Cat

Tell us a bit about your history with make-up?

That's an interesting one, until the age of fourteen or so I'd never used make-up. Of course as a young child I'd played around with my mum's make-up supply to her utter dismay; but I'd never worn it out. When I was fourteen I went through a sort of goth/emo stage when I discovered black eyeliner; and that was all I used for about two or three years. Then at sixteen or seventeen I realised that it really wasn't a good look... I discovered the wonderful world of Youtube and Beauty Blogs where I spent hours at a time watching and learning from make-up tutorials, specifically from Bubzbeauty, KandeeJohnson and KlairedelysArt on Youtube; and Le Petit Jardin de Liloo and Makeup your Jangsara beauty blogs. From them, and others, I learned the techniques of application and the beauty of what it can do. My make-up collection begun and there were colours! I started with the 120 Pro Palette from Fraulein 3.8 and progressed to everything else I use now... The rest is history.

Have you developed a staple look, or do you experiment a lot? Describe you favourite look.

I like to experiment, I'm into stage make-up and face painting as well as beauty make-up, so naturally I experiment. However I have a staple simple look I use when I've woken up late or if I'm just plain lazy. It's nothing special, I use a light pink, shimmery shade on my eyelid and the brown in my crease and the darker grey to deepen the crease and add definition with a matt white highlight. Followed by liner on my upper lashline and the outer corner of my lower lashline and mascara. What I use on my lips varies... I do love a red lip though!

Why do you love make up? 

I love the art of make-up... The way you can sculpt how your face looks with shadows and highlights. Being an art student I guess I can't help looking at it in that way. There's a beautiful art in the way it's applied but I'll tell you what makes me sad... seeing badly blended dramatic eyeshadow on an orange face with a concealed lip and thin, surprised, drawn on eyebrows to top it off... That's sad...

I can leave the house without make-up, it gives me confidence but not in the way that I have no confidence without it, for me the make-up I wear is like my portfolio on my face. I'm no make-up artist but I love what I do. 

What made you start a beauty blog? Why do you continue writing one?

I had a Youtube channel but found I'm not that confident on camera, I couldn't find the time to film and edit and I always hated seeing the videos I made. I'd read a few beauty blogs and thought I'd have a go, so I did. My first posts were nail polish reviews to help build up my confidence before posting my face all over the internet and they seemed pretty popular so I moved onto product reviews and it's just something I enjoy. My mum's written books (Beneath the Rainbow by Lisa Shambrook - available on Amazon Kindle) Sorry... shameless self promotion... anyway, the point is that I must have inherited some passion for writing from her. I enjoy writing the posts and the entire process of creating a good quality blog post, the photos, information and writing. It gets on my nerves when I see a blog with only promotion images and nothing personal... I think it's important to have a personal touch in a blog. 


Are you a beauty blogger who would love to share your relationship with make-up? Feel free to contact me!

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