Beauty Bloggers - Why We Fell In Love With Make-Up

I love how make-up can bond a group of women, and the power that putting your face on in the morning has. I wanted to explore our relationship with make-up a little more, and thought I should turn to the ladies who love make-up the most - Beauty Bloggers!

Beauty Blogger 2: Lily from Beauty's Bad Habit


Tell us a bit about your history with make-up? 

It all started when I was fourteen and acting in a stage show of Fame, somehow I wound up applying make-up to most of the cast each night - despite having never even picked up a make-up brush before! I loved the buzz of being backstage, the rush, the feeling of transforming people into their characters. From then on I was hungry to learn more and more about the magic of make-up! For the following five years, my life revolved around make-up and beauty - you name it, I did it! Stage make-up, wig making, prosthetics, special effects, bridal, beauty, fashion and editorial, advertising, film...The more I learnt, the more new things I wanted to discover.

Have you developed a staple look, or do you experiment a lot? 

My staple look is one I can apply in ten minutes flat (I'm always pushed for time in the morning!) It's a simple, clean look with strong brows, plenty of mascara and peachy blush to perk up my complexion. My favourite look consists of bold, sharp, dark eyebrows - I'm eyebrow obsessed - with a touch of mascara, chiseled out cheekbones and a ethereal highlight through out. It's boyish, but pretty - very modern.

Why do you love make up? 

Make-up is the quickest way I can transform my entire look, my mood, the way others will perceive me... I also really enjoy the online make-up community, I talk to biologists, club kids, students, mothers, drag queens - all united in our shared love for make-up and beauty. 


What made you start a beauty blog? Why do you continue writing one?

When I was 17, I applied for university to study Special Effects Model Making and was rather harshly rejected at the interview stage. I was destroyed. No job, no money, no way in to the career I wanted, I felt useless, worthless - the way I saw it, I had no future. No word of a lie, I cried myself to sleep for months - absolutely nothing could lift my mood. Beauty's Bad Habit Blog was my way of putting my energy into something positive, instead of spending the entire day beating myself up over things I couldn't control. I applied to do an art foundation because the beauty blogging community lifted my confidence so much, following that I applied to uni again... I was terrified, unsure if I could handle being rejected a second time. Luckily, I was accepted! Now I'm studying Special Effects Development and I'm on track to the career I've always dreamed of! Without make-up, without blogging, I'd still be feeling worthless and miserable. Now, I can hand on heart say I'm the happiest I've ever been.


Are you a beauty blogger who would love to share your relationship with make-up? Feel free to contact me!

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