Beautiful Brows kit - first time use

beautiful brows review.jpg

Yesterday I treated myself to a Beautiful Brows kit, which costs £35. It comes with a brow powder in your colour, a brush, three stencils, a lipstick and a mascara.

beautiful brows stencils.jpg

I use black powder on my eyebrows every day. You can see in these before pictures how naturally fair I am!

I usually use an eyeshadow, applied with a brush, but have heard good things about Beautiful Brows, so I decided to give them a go! The lady on the stand said that after ten minutes the powder sets and is then sweat and smudge proof. I'll let you know about that once I've worn it for a bit! She also said that it could last two years of daily use.

nrow kit review blog.jpg

You get three stencils, so I thought I'd be brave and go straight for 'Bold', rather than 'Natural' or 'Sleek'.

bold eyebrow review.jpg

One brow on........

There is definitely a slight scouse brow look to these ones! However, I wear glasses, so can take a heavier brow!

retro bold eyebrows.jpg

Apologies that my camera is at the salon, so webcam will have to suffice.

eyebrow review.jpg

As you can see, I am attempting to vary my expressions with varying success!

Obviously, the powder goes in a set stencil, and so I am left with rather off areas of regular eyebrow hair, but no powder. Not sure how I feel about that just yet! Will wear it for the day and see whether anyone points and laughs!

Follow up - I use Beautiful Brows every day without fail. I look crazy without them. I use the Bold stencil and recommend them all of the time!