Beautiful Brows - an updated review

I first bought Beautiful Brows 4 years ago (you can read that old brows blog here) or to save you the click through, here is what I looked like back in 2012 testing my first official Beautiful Brow:

Back then it cost me £35, and I got a large black powder with a brush and 3 stencils. I loved it, and despite the stencils breaking a couple of years ago, I've worn the powder almost every day since (just applied freehand with a brush). Oddly look how much I have left! It seems I still have years left!

old beautiful brows kit.jpg

This is why I was excited and intrigued when I was sent the new Beautiful Brow kit to review. It's a brand I've worn for so long now, but oddly don't hear very much about. I was curious to see if anything had changed.

Firstly, you get more for your buck in 2016. This kit retails at £30 and contains 

  • Eyebrow powder
  • 6 eyebrow shapes
  • Duo applicator brush
  • Eyebrow highlighter
  • Highlighter brush
  • Soft grip tweezers
  • Magnifying mirror

The powder is smaller, but I guess it needed to be, going my 4 year old one still going strong! 

I've used Beautiful Brows for so long because they fill in my brows without fuss. They smudge less than any other powder I've tried, and they definitely last all day. It's funny isnt it, how brows became such a thing, and we look back and gasp at our natural brows from old pictures. I'm not one for a full on ombre-instagram brow, but I definitely don't leave the house without my brows on!

If you love make-up, but lack the skills of an instagram make up star, you may well love Beautiful Brows as much as I have.