Backyard Cinema - Watching The Goonies for the First Time

I'm often rather infuriating to be around, perhaps for a multitude of reasons, but often because I've watched so few films that I never get any film references. You may not think a lack of film references would be that critical in social interactions, however when you have almost zero, the impact is real. I don't care, I'm just not that into film as a genre, but it seems to really annoy other people! A lack of shared reference can prove challenging it seems!

I may go to a cinema perhaps once a year, largely linked to my lack of interest in films, but actually also due to my back problems, which means sitting on chairs is often pretty painful. At school I had a prescribed cushion for my exams, and at work I have a kneeling chair. So being trapped in a cinema seat for two hours rarely seems appealing.

I was recently offered two tickets to review Backyard Cinema, in Elephant and Castle, and after seeing the line up of films, I knew I wanted to give it a go! My boyfriend B is a massive film buff, and he has often remarked that he feels sad we can't share the enjoyment of a cinema visit. I'd overheard him say he loved The Goonies, and couldn't believe I hadn't seen it, so I leapt at the chance!

We arrived at the venue, which is tucked within an indoor food court, so it makes a lovely date venue. Lots of food options! You're welcomed at the front by an 'Jungle Explorer', who will explain the treacherous jungle path you'll need to cross to gain entry. It's fun I promise!

We were shown to our bean bags, snuggled under a blanket and shared a bottle of prosecco. Let the film begin. 

Firstly, here's B's review:

"Go and see it with other people who have seen the film."

Ha, and here's mine:

"I guess some films hold memories of our childhood buried within their lines, and the nostalgia we can enjoy every time we view them can warm the soul. Without that emotion tie, The Goonies is a pretty terrible film for an adult to watch! However, the experience was fun, and despite having a sore back, I'd definitely watch a film in this way again. It was much more relaxed than a regular cinema trip!"

It was a fun date night, and if you fancy re-watching films such as The Beach, The Never Ending Story, Hook, The Lion King, or Jurassic Park you should definitely book a ticket in!