Back to uni - doing a short writing course

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The start of 2018 is the season for enriching my brain, and along with starting my BSL level 2 (I did my BSL level 1 last year) I've enrolled in some writing courses. The first started this week, and is a  "Writing for Children" evening course, and with the appropriate level of nerves, off I trotted, notepad in hand.

There were 18 people in our first session, so quite a nice large group, and really interestingly varied. There seemed to be a running theme of ex-journalists and people who work in finance (!) but a real nice eclectic mix of people. One of the perks of group activities is meeting people you'd never cross paths with in any other way. It's good for the mind and soul.

We started off by going around the class and hearing why people were there, what writing they had done, or currently did, and what we'd hope to gain from our attendance. We did a few writing exercises (no, we didn't need to share with the group!) and it felt so odd, in a great way, to just write creatively, for no reason apart from the fun of it. We were given some photos of children, with some questions to develop a character. I just wrote, in silence, imagining this kid. Deciding what he was good at, why his best friend liked him, what his home was like. How often do we allow our brains just to get creative? I don't know about you, maybe you have an awesome creative hobby, but I don't. It was exciting.

You may not know this about me, but I was a primary teacher, who specialised in English/reading, and I was also a secondary school librarian. This feels like a lifetime ago (I've been self-employed for 7 years now...eeek), so it feels a little like I'm blending my old life with my new one. 

Maybe I'll write a children's book, maybe I won't. I'm focusing less on the result, and more in the process. Enjoying throwing myself into a hobby. Remind me of this when I'm banging my head trying to make my book ideas perfect. He he.