Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl reviewed on short hair

I've curled my hair with foam rollers, heated rollers, straighteners and tongs, on my then very short Marilyn Monroe type hair, my super long 'weave' hair and every length in between!

At my salon Rockalily Cuts, we tend to use straighteners and tongs the most, when creating curls and waves, but every staff member has a slightly different preference.

I'd seen the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl around, and watched many youtube videos, and was keen to give it a go! Salons Direct offered to send me one to have a go, and I used it as the perfect nudge to make my first proper youtube review! Eeek!

Please note, there are two versions of this machine, the Pro Perfect Curl and the Curl Secret. The Curl Secret is aimed at the at-home user (and has slightly less settings and a lower price) and the Pro Perfect Curl is aimed at professionals (and is more expensive).

My video answers the following questions:

1. What happens if the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl gets caught in my hair?

2. How well does the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl work on short hair?

3. Does it matter which directional setting I have the Pro Perfect Curl on?

4. Can I create a vintage curl with the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl machine?