I had a job interview, and I'm going to celebrate it regardless of whether I get it.

I had a job interview last week, and I thought I'd write about it, even if I don't progress any further in the process. We should celebrate the smaller successes just as much as larger ones. I hadn't really wanted to look for another job just yet, but when ASOS come knocking....well....it didn't take much thought before I said yes!

I had a ten minute phone interview first, which always confuses me a little. What exactly are they judging in 10 minutes? How many people get cut at this stage? I opened with my excitement at being served by a waiter that morning from First Dates, and then answered the questions about my experience. Ten minutes later I was done.

self love brings love tshirt

I was invited to an interview at ASOS headquarters, which was pretty exciting. It validated that my CV was worthy of exciting jobs with exciting companies, which is always good to know! It means that if I don't get it, I'll have confidence when applying for my next batch! I also recently got offered an interview with Refinery 29 which was pretty cool too (they emailed to offer an interview, but then they never arranged one?!). But proof that I'm qualified for the types of job I'd like to do at the very least!

I went for the interview, which was a very informal half hour chat, and I'll hear from them by the end of the week I think. Hard to judge a 'chat' but I think it went fine. No regrets. So whether I move forward to the 'give a presentation' stage or not, I'm going to celebrate that I was asked. I've heard ASOS are a great company to work for, and the job role sounds effing brilliant.

So whether I get the 3rd interview or not, bravo me. And I encourage you to cheer small mile stones too. Life is tough so find more reasons to celebrate.