B. Makeup Brush Cleanser Review

b make up brush cleaner review

My name is ReeRee and I rarely clean my makeup brushes. There, I've said it. I use them daily, but perhaps wash them every other month. Yup, not very often at all.

I'm just not someone bothered by the idea of germs,  I think they generally keep our immune systems alive and kicking. I reach for the soap when the brushes are clogged and don't work as well.

I was buying a new makeup brush and saw this spray cleaner, and decided to give it a whirl.

b makeup brush cleaner

The instructions are: "A conditioning brush cleanser that disinfects and cleans cosmetic brushes. Gentle formula - Suitable for use on both synthetic and natural bristles, and gentle enough for everyday use. Antibacterial - Scientifically proven to remove bacteria. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Made in the U.K."

I gave each brush a two spritzes, and smooshed the brush against my hand and then a tissue. I was surprised at how much makeup came out. It definitely didn't remove every single bit of makeup, but I was very happily surprised at how much cleaner they were! I imagine if my brushes were less dirty to start it may have removed more!  Each brush needed maybe 8-10 spritzes in total.

What I really liked about the product is that it means you can wash your brushes in bed (like I did) or while watching tv, which just makes the whole process less of a hassle!

Would I rebuy? Definitely!