Azendi alphabet necklace

I'd be lying if I said I didn't love a random gift of jewellery in the post, so when this little parcel arrived from Azendi, I was definitely a little excited.

I am a big fan of costume jewellery generally, its cheap, fun and can be trend led as it won't need to last long. However there is something a bit special about owning jewellery a little more permanent (expensive!). Mid-market jewellery is accessible, but still can feel pretty special. I know for example that my mother has an Alex Monroe bee necklace that she wears every day. Alex Monroe is another great example of that mid-price point in luxury jewellery.

The R necklace is reminiscent of Carrie's gold name necklace from Sex and The City, and I really like how it sits at a slant (the chain is connected at the same point on the letter).

I was sent the necklace for review, but haven't taken it off since! I love it!

I had a peek at the site, and picked a few of my favourites to share too:

Follow the 90s trend for daisys with this silver necklace

Or how about following the East London trend for all thing taxidermy with an antler necklace?

Or even stick with classic rockabilly with a swallows chain?

You can use the Azendi discount code of 'rockalily' for a cheeky discount.