My first Parkrun!

My first parkrun

After wanting to be a parkrunner for ages, I finally ran my first official Parkrun today! Firstly running as part of a large group is so different to running solo. It gives you a pack to belong to, as well as giving us that drive not to quit.

Parkrun is free, and happens every Saturday morning, and they try hard to foster a sense of community. There is a meet up after each race, and lots of cheering for others. As they say, its a run not a race, and its super inclusive.

This Parkrun was 5 laps of 1km, and laps 3 and 4 were tough. I annoyingly had to walk a few times, to give my body a little break, but my finishing time of 30:55 was still one I was happy with.

I've been working a lot recently, basically supply teaching full time for a few weeks, on top of owning the salon, so my fitness has taken a little back seat (remember, we can do anything, but not everything),  but running on a Saturday has remained constant. Its actually even been helped, as I'm now used to getting up early!

No matter how big or small, setting a goal, and then achieving it, is always good for us. Especially when it can feel tough going, or easy to quit. I wanted to run a Parkrun, and now I have. Next up is becoming a regular Parkrunner.

My top investments are my Hoka One One running shoes (£110) which instantly stopped me getting worryingly tight calves every run, and my BooBuddy (£20), which instantly made my boobs stop being an issue when I run.