Awesome Barbies and a mini history of the Barbie Doll


Awesome Barbies


From Top Left - Miss Astronaut, Elvis Barbie, Sinatra Barbie, Vincent Van Gogh Barbie, Strictly Come Dancing Barbie


From Bottom Left - Countess Dracula, Circus Barbie, Grace Kelly Barbie, Grace Kelly (2) Barbie


I love that there are an Elvis and Sinatra doll, not because they are vintage legends, but also because of the fact that Barbie didn't care that she was a girl - she can still be inspired by them. I also love seeing Barbie in a suit!
  • Barbie launched in March 1959
  • Her statistics were 39-18-33 (what an hourglass! Eeek!)
  • She got her first tan in 1971
  • In 1966 Barbie was even a Pan Am Stewardess
  • Ken was born in 1961
  • She has owned 9 horses and her poodle was called Prince
  • Her careers include - model, ballerina, nurse, surgeon, athlete, teacher, vet, astronaut, UNICEF Ambassador, army officer, pilot, rap musician, baseball player and police officer.
Is Barbie a femimist? I actually think she would be!