#AuraChallenge - Contact Lens Review

monthly contact review aurachallenge

I'm a very happy glasses wearer, and have been known to indulge my glasses collection rather a lot. I own more than most. Glasses have become part of my style, and I've found that I've become more uncomfortable as time has gone with seeing my naked face (as it were).

Vision Direct contacted me to take part in their #AuraChallenge, and I decided to challenge myself to go without the comfort blanket of my glasses. We should all feel ok about our faces, and it scared me that I was becoming so unused to mine.

At first, I struggled with my make-up, it turns out you need a lot more make up when you wear glasses. Glasses also hide any mistakes, so I found myself at a bit of a loss to start with. Eye makeup took me a few days to master I think!

The Aura ADM 1 day contact lenses (here) were super easy to wear, and I found them really comfortable to wear all day. They seem to be about half the price of the old dailies I'd bought, and definitely the same quality. 

I used to wear monthlies pretty happily, but after a major eye infection landing me in the eye hospital I prefer the safety of dailies. No chance of bacteria and nasties growing on them if you're throwing them out each day!